A Complete Guide on Apprenticeship Programs.

An apprenticeship refers to a training system where an untrained person undergoes on-the-job and off-the-job training to become a qualified practitioner. Once you become an apprentice, you will work alongside experienced staff who will impart you with the requisite skills to become a professional. You may also have to take some classes to understand the theoretical part of the profession. In Australia, apprentices may receive a wage and other benefits, such as leave. Below are a few tips to guide you if you would want to become an apprentice.

Find a suitable profession. 

Not all professions offer apprentice programs. You will find apprenticeships in occupations that require a high level of skills that may not be taught in class. For example, electricians, plumbers, machine operators, carpenters and construction workers are people that may benefit from apprenticeship programs. Professions such as banking, teaching and medicine require one to have specific educational requirements. To know which profession to join, ask yourself what skills and interests you possess. For instance, if you enjoy driving, you may opt for plant operation training.

Applying for an apprenticeship. 

Once you decide which profession you want to apprentice in, it is time to look for an apprentice program. In Australia, many websites link prospective apprentices with employers. You can also check for apprenticeship opportunities in local dailies. If you do not find a suitable opportunity, ask friends who are on the job to link you up with apprentice opportunities. 

What happens when you acquire an apprenticeship opportunity? 

On the first day, you will be provided with a trainer. Ensure that you build a good relationship with your trainer as he or she will mentor you throughout the apprenticeship period. Your trainer will create a detailed work plan and regularly review your progress. Do not expect the apprenticeship period to be easy. However, as you gain experience on the job, things will ease up.  

How long does an apprenticeship last? 

The duration of the apprenticeship is primarily dependent on the profession. For instance, a machine operator might train longer than a plumber. You must observe the recommended training hours so your trainer is confident enough to let you work alone. Once the apprenticeship is over, some employers may permanently employ you if they have a vacancy. If this is not the case, you can seek employment elsewhere. 

Apprenticeships are the perfect opportunity for untrained people to become professionals. The profession determines the apprenticeship period. It is critical for apprentices to have a good relationship with their trainers.