Commercial Driving: Practical Truck-Handling Guidelines for Trainees and Graduates

Commercial truck driving is an essential aspect of the shipping industry. Trained drivers transport products and raw materials to factories, distribution centres, warehouses and the consumers' front doors. Therefore, this field is beneficial because there are numerous job opportunities and a promise for steady income. Also, trucking offers freedom to individuals who love the open road. On the other hand, handling a truck can be difficult, especially when you begin training and after graduating and taking up a job. Read More 

4 Qualities of Good Scaffold Platforms

People who are undergoing scaffolding training are given tips to help them to inspect or recognise hazardous scaffolding platforms. This article discusses some of the telltale signs that trainees are told to observe when identifying a good scaffolding platform. No Paint Scaffolding platforms should never be made from painted components. This is because those painted surfaces stand a high likelihood of becoming slippery in case it rains or liquid materials spill on them. Read More 

Things to Bear in Mind for Rough Terrain Forklift Operation

Taking forklift licence training classes is a great way to access interesting jobs you wouldn't otherwise be able to apply for. But to really stand out from the crowd, it's a good idea to specialise even further. With extra, specific training, you can go for jobs with less competition and stand a chance against people with more experience than you. One forklift specialisation that's seriously worth considering is training to become a rough terrain driver. Read More